Don Williams – Specially For You (1981)

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Álbum: Especially For You
Ano/Gravadora: (1981) MCA Records MCA 203 901
Artista(s) do Álbum: Don Williams
Acervo: Rota 80
Formato: Vinyl – 320 kbps

 Fonte de pesquisa: Capa, Contracapa, Selo Lado A e Selo Lado B do Long Playing
Fonogramas Lado A
A01. Fairweather Friends – (Joe Allen – Johnny Cash)
A02. I Don’t Want To Love You – (Bob McDill)
A03. Years From Now – (Roger Cook – Charles Cochran)
A04. Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good – (Dave Hanner)
A05. Especially You – (Rick Beresford)
Fonogramas Lado B
B01. If I Needed You – (Townes Van Zandt)
B02. Now And Then – (Wayland Holyfield)
B03. Smooth Talking Baby – (David Kirby – Red Lane)
B04. I’ve Got You To Thank For That – (Blake Mevis – Don Pfrimmer)
B05. Miracles – (Roger Cook)
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